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The Fish 2000 is a ‘fish’ type model that will ensure you cut safely in storage and production. The concealed blade protects against injury. The straight blade hidden in the slit at the front additionally tightens the cut film, making your work more efficient. The slit increases the tension of the material. The knife also has a hook blade which is safe for the user as it has an unsharpened outer edge. This blade helps when cutting thicker materials such as cardboard. The blade automatically retracts into the handle when the cut is finished. Fish 2000 is a version of the knife without replaceable blades. In addition, at the back you will find an eyelet for a lanyard.

This knife handles basic packaging materials very well. Recommended for warehouse work. You can cut with it:
– banding tapes
– packing tape on cartons
– cartons
– stretch foil
– nets, strings and ropes
– shrink films

For more efficient cutting, tighten the material you are cutting. Extend the blade with your thumb, slide the slider until it locks in place, start cutting the material, the blade will automatically retract when finished cutting.

Additional information

Additional information

Cutting gap width

5 mm

Handle type


Available colours

blue, green, orange, red, yellow



Security levels


Type of blade

metal, not replaceable

second level of security

recommended class of gloves

product card

for right- and left-handers

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