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Choose knives that are safe for your organization. We are a trading company from Wrocław, which provides specialized solutions in the field of cutting tools. 01 04
We have created a solution that will slowly select the right knife for your and your organization's needs. Find out more Do you already know our security pyramid? Find out more 02 04 Discover our offer of manual and machine knives as well as blades and accessories 03 04 Visit our store! We will provide answers to the various needs of our clients. 04 04 We offer professional technical advice on the selection of safety knives Meet the JUSKY service!


Slice is the first company to use the advantages of advanced technology to create innovative safety knives with a ceramic blade. More than half of the largest Fortune 1000 companies trust these tools to reduce injuries and lower costs. Safety is guaranteed by ceramic blades. Slice has developed the manufacturing process for these blades itself. It has created a durable, effective and skin-friendly cutting edge


Cutting packages should be 100% safe? The contents of the package are of great value and you need to keep it intact when unpacking? This is a job for the Klever series knives. These knives, thanks to the hidden blades in the handle design, completely protect the user from injury and the goods from damage during cutting. These are the most versatile safety knives with a hidden blade in terms of the variety of materials to be cut. Due to the low risk of injury, functionality and reduction of losses related to the destruction of goods, it is very often used by retail chains.


These are professional scissors. Industry scissors series from Kretzer Scheren from Solingen, Germany. Kretzer high-end scissors offer 5 series of scissors for everyone applications – from top quality leather cutting to regular scissors – all with the promise of “Always the perfect cut”.


Based in Sheffield, UK, Durham-Duplex is a world leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of machine knives, technical blades and hand knives. Over a hundred years of experience guarantees products that ensure the highest English quality. This is confirmed by the “Made in Sheffield” mark recognized all over the world. They offer a wide selection of machine knives used mainly in the PTS, food, packaging and paper industries. toothed, circular, disc, packing and straight knives. Made of carbon steel, stainless steel, high speed steel, tungsten carbide and many more. At the customer’s request, the manufacturer produces knives with coatings that extend their service life (ceramic coatings, TiN) and reduce friction
(PVD coatings) and increasing the slip (ceramic coatings).


Tortoris has set itself three main goals:

  • Security
  • Convenience of use
  • Functionality

This is a new project resulting from the desire to create completely new and functional safety knives. The knowledge and experience gained over several years have allowed us to create a series of unique safety knives.
First of all, they are made of high-quality materials, thanks to which they will meet the expectations of many industry segments. The handles are equipped with additional safeguards that reduce the risk of accidental cuts. These knives have high-quality blades, so you will cut longer and replace them less often.


Since 1923 in Solingen, the family business has produced millions of blades each year to the satisfaction of its customers. Today, a group of qualified employees is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of technical blades. Mozart products are used wherever effective cutting is required. Trapezoidal and hook blades, snap and scraper blades, precision knives and blades for the plastics industry, specially manufactured blades for processing fibers and nonwoven fabrics, blades for film and film cutting and a large number of blades for special applications for the customer form the framework of our know-how in range of blades. As one of the world’s leading blade manufacturers, MOZART relies on Germany for a high-quality location. State-of-the-art technology and precise production guarantee an internationally recognized standard: “100% Made in Solingen”. To maintain this standard, MOZART applies a certified quality management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001.

The Safety Knife Co. Ltd

Headquarters are at the Severn Glocon factory in Olympus Park in Quedgeley in Gloucester. Safety Knife was founded in 1993 and is now a fully recognized manufacturer of protective / utility knives. They offer a wide range of products for many industries around the world. All products are manufactured in Great Britain. Long-term employees offer excellent knowledge and advice on products. The company constantly works with health and safety specialists to develop new products. They strive to bring to the market the most innovative and practical alternatives to open blade knives that are designed to increase safety in the workplace.

We are the first company in Poland to create a pyramid of security levels

The pyramid will help you choose the knife according to your preferred security level. From basic all-purpose knives to the safest knives without a blade or with plastic blades.

Knives without a blade
e.g. plastic rippers, knives with plastic blades, plastic scrapers. Go to the store
Knives with a hidden blade
hidden cutting slots in the handle design.
Go to the store
Automatic knives
have a double mechanism - the blade automatically retracts. Go to the store
Knives with a mechanism
the blade retracts when you release the finger from the slider. Go to the store
Universal knives
snap-off knives, pocket knives, fixed blade knives. Go to the store

We are a trading company from Wrocław. We provide specialized solutions in the field of cutting tools. We have been with you since 2004, cooperating with thousands of clients from all over Poland and abroad.
We operate in the following market areas: plastics processing, food, automotive, packaging, logistics, trade and services, chemical, pharmaceutical, glass and aviation.

Safety in your hands

For you, we have created a tailored offer of manual knives and technical blades. Every year, we visit dozens of companies, helping to create a safe workplace.
As the first in Poland, we have defined a pyramid of safety levels to help you choose the right safety knife.

Quality Policy

In order to meet the growing quality requirements of our services, we have implemented and constantly improve the Quality Management System in accordance with the ISO 9001: 2015 standard.

Download the ISO certificate

Our numbers *

97% completed orders on time
3 800 customers
26 000 transactions, and only 48 complaints
590 000 sold hand knives
*as of September 23, 2020, data since 2010

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Product catalog

You can also view our product catalog in PDF.


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