Tailor-made safety knife – Occupational health and safety workshop in Łódź

Warsztaty Prosave w Łodzi

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You are invited to a free Health and Safety Workshop, as part of the 14th edition of Prosave Academy, which will be held 13 June in Lodz.

The Health and Safety Workshop brings together leading manufacturers of health and safety products in one place. In this year’s edition, the meetings will take the form of a mini fair, as up to 24 partners will be taking part! This is a unique opportunity to benefit from their knowledge and experience.

Our theme for the workshop is The tailor-made safety knife.

We will show participants, based on the Pyramid of Safety Levels, how to consciously choose the right knife to protect the user and cut effectively. There will be different categories of safety knives, from knives with a mechanism to knives with a concealed blade that completely protects against injury.

Interested parties are invited to register at the link: https://warsztaty.prosave.pl/


This year we are also meeting in other locations in Poland:

  • 19 September in Katowice
  • 17 October in Toruń

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