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The S7 safety knife combines the utility of an industrial knife with the safety benefits of a mechanism knife. This 3-in-1 tool features an easy-release foil cutting slot, a heavy-duty blade for cutting adhesive tape on cardboard and a versatile box cutter. Painful and costly injuries will be prevented, thanks to a robust metal guard that moves with the blade, simultaneously retracting the guard and blade. The guard covers the blade when cutting from above to protect the user. The unique angle of the blade is specifically set to avoid damage to the box contents. The spring loaded blade can also be extended without the guard if required and has three locking depth positions; top cut, shallow cut and deep cut. The integrated film slot is ideal for safely cutting shrink wrap, plastic strips, string and more. Users also find that using the heavy-duty tape blade when opening boxes further prevents injury and extends blade life. With the easiest blade replacement on the market, this versatile cutting tool reduces costly injuries and makes cutting boxes safe, easy and convenient.

Multiple functions, versatile application. The knife is recommended for the automotive industry and many others. It can easily and safely cut off the tops of cardboard boxes, thanks to a special protective cover. It can also be used to cut such materials as:
– 3-ply cartons
– stretch foils
– banding tapes
– shrinking foils
– adhesive tapes
– plastic and paper sacks

For added safety, take your thumb off the slider while cutting so that the spring mechanism can operate and retract the blade back into the handle when the cut is complete.

Additional information

Additional information

Maximum blade extension

14 mm

Blade replacement option


Handle type

plastic, with zipper

Security levels



cardboard cutting, cutting bags, cutting film and tapes

Type of blade


fourth level of security

recommended class of gloves

for right- and left-handers

easy blade replacement

the possibility of adjusting the blade extension

product card

tab for cutting tapes


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