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Tajima VR-103 is a high quality knife with a spring mechanism – the blade retracts into the handle when you remove your finger from the slide. It provides reliable and trouble-free operation. The metal, ergonomic handle is contoured for an optimal fit in the hand. The user of the VR103 knife has the option to reduce the extension of the blade from 26 mm, to 5 mm. A great advantage of this model is a magazine in the middle of the handle, we can conveniently store a spare in it. Blades can be changed quickly thanks to the system on the side of the handle. During the exchange of blades you do not have to worry about the blade falling out of the handle. This is prevented by the magnetic holder. The handle is finished with an eyelet for a lanyard. The knife has the GS certificate.

The very sturdy construction of the knife can be used for intensive work in industry. You can comfortably cut thick materials, it will also work well in high dust areas and cutting bags of loose materials. You can cut with it:
– cartons
– banding tapes
– rolled materials
– sacks
– adhesive tapes
– octabins
– rubbers and linings

For added safety, pull your thumb off the slider while cutting so that the spring mechanism can operate and retract the blade back into the handle when the cut is complete.

Additional information

Additional information

Maximum blade extension

26 mm

Blade replacement option


Handle type

steel, with zipper

Increased service life


Available colours



cardboard cutting, cutting bags, cutting film and tapes

Type of blade


fourth level of security

recommended class of gloves

easy blade replacement

for right- and left-handers

ergonomic knife

the possibility of adjusting the blade extension

increased blade life



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