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RiteKnife AS100 – a new dimension in safety. The automatic knife with a movable blade guard. Unlike other similar knives in this group, this is a model with the blade permanently placed in the handle, which does not retract as a result of loss of contact with the material being cut. This ensures a single, clean cut line. The blade guard will automatically return to a safe position when it loses contact with the material being cut and locks in place at the point of exit, protecting the user from injury. A lever located at the bottom of the handle releases the blade lock. Simply press the lever and cut. The ergonomic aluminium handle is bright green in colour. The design of the knife, adapted to the shape of your hand, allows you to work comfortably and cut even the most difficult materials. It is also possible to cut away from yourself, which is very important and increases our safety when working with the knife. Exposure of the blade to 26 mm allows you to cut thick materials. You do not need to have additional tools to quickly change the blade. After finishing work you can lock the lock release mechanism, which will protect you from accidental injury.

The very sturdy construction of the knife can be used for intensive work in industry. You can comfortably cut thick materials, it will also work well in high dust areas and cutting bags of loose materials. You can cut with it:
– cartons
– banding tapes
– roll materials
– sacks
– adhesive tapes
– octabins
– rubbers and linings

Additional information

Additional information

Blade length

26 mm

Blade replacement option


Available colours


Type of blade



cardboard cutting, cutting bags, cutting film and tapes

Handle type

steel, with lever

Security levels


third level of security

recommended class of gloves

easy blade replacement

for right- and left-handers

squeeze type knife

movable blade guard

automatic knife


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