Precision Cutter blades 4 pcs.

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Fitting the remodelled version of the 10416 scalpel, the single blade consists of a micro-ceramic blade housed in a contrasting orange cartridge. The blade itself is made of 100% zirconium oxide, a very hard material, and has a unique hand-friendly edge. Thanks to these parameters, the blade provides long lasting and very safe cutting power. The blade is ideal for intricate cutting of thin materials such as paper or vinyl templates.


  • unlike metal blades they have a safe grind on the blade
  • durable, which means fewer blade replacements = fewer injuries
  • non-corrosive, chemically inert
  • electrically non-conductive, no sparking
  • non-magnetic
  • no oily coating on the blade surface
  • safe to use up to 1600 °C

Additional information

Additional information

Maximum blade extension

1.5 mm

Increased service life


Available colours


Type of blade


Security levels


fifth level of security

recommended class of gloves

easy blade replacement

for right- and left-handers

precise cut

knife with a ceramic blade

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