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Metal Utility Knife is a manual model, without a spring mechanism. It resembles a traditional utility knife. It is easy to use, thanks to the solid metal handle, which is comfortable to grip. It is supplied with a thin, durable blade No. 10524 with a rounded tip. The serrated blade no 10523 and the pointed tip blade no 10525 also match the knife. These ceramic cutting blades are 11 times more durable than metal blades. The blades can be stored in an easily accessible magazine on the back of the handle. No additional tools are required when changing blades. All three blades have a patented and hand-friendly safe edge that cuts effectively. To choose the safest blade length for your work, select one of the three different cutting depths.

Advantages of Slice ceramic blades:

  • non-sparking, non-conductive, non-magnetic blade
  • chemically inert blade, never rusts
  • blade without oily coating or grease
  • made of 100% zirconium oxide
  • blade edge service life is up to 11.2 times longer than metal
  • fewer blade replacements = fewer injuries

The very sturdy construction of the knife can be used for intensive work in industry. Ceramic blades will allow cutting in explosive areas. Also appreciated in maintenance departments for cutting insulation. It is also recommended in areas with high levels of humidity. You can cut with it:
– cartons
– stretch and shrink films
– banding tapes
– rolled materials
– bags
– adhesive tapes
– rubbers, insulations

Additional information

Additional information

Maximum blade extension

29 mm

Blade replacement option


Handle type

steel, with zipper

Increased service life


Available colours


Type of blade


Security levels



cutting bags, cutting textiles, hobby cutting

fifth level of security

recommended class of gloves

easy blade replacement

for right- and left-handers

knife with a ceramic blade

non-slip handle

safe grinding



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