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The great innovation in safety knives is invisible! The knife is made of an antibacterial material that inhibits the growth of bacteria. It is an ideal addition to existing hygiene protocols. It is ISO 22196 certified.

The contents of your parcel are very valuable and you don’t want to damage them? Use the knives from the Klever series. You will be protected from injury when cutting the packaging and the goods inside will remain intact. All thanks to the hidden blades in the slots. The large, rubberised “soft touch” handle makes it easy to hold the knife comfortably while you work. X-Change is the first model of the Klever family, made in the USA, which has interchangeable heads. We have three types of them. They can be changed quickly and safely, because they are on snaps. The two 4 mm cutting slots can even handle thick cardboard. The reinforced metal plate on the back of the handle will allow you to quickly cut the adhesive tape on cardboard, without using and unnecessary sticking of the blade. The knife also has an eyelet, you can ensure that it is always close by and not lost during storage work. The knives deliberately come in bright colours to make them visible.

The Klever series are the most versatile concealed blade knives in terms of the variety of materials they cut. The X-Change model is limited only by its slot, i.e. it can cut materials up to 4 mm. Thanks to the special head end, you can pierce the material and start cutting anywhere. The Klever X-Change cuts through
– 3-ply cardboard
– wrapping film
– shrink film
– plastic and paper sacks
– string
– foil and paper tapes
– textiles
– foam underlay (under panels)

Technical tips
Cut the banding tapes at a 45° angle.
When cutting the stretch film, make sure it is taut.


Antimicrobial properties do not protect users or others from bacteria, viruses, germs or other pathogenic organisms. Thoroughly clean and wash this product according to the guidelines of your industry.

Additional information

Additional information

Blade replacement option


Cutting gap width

4 mm

Handle type




Security levels



cardboard cutting, cutting film and tapes

Type of blade


second level of security

recommended class of gloves

easy blade replacement

for right- and left-handers

tab for cutting tapes

ergonomic knife

cutting gap width


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