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The contents of your parcel are of high value and you need to ensure that they remain intact during unpacking? Do you want to cut packages with 100% safety? This is the task for the knives in the Klever series. The Excel H model has one 6 mm wide cutting slit. It can cut through 5-layer cardboard. Cutting through cardboard is what sets the Klever knives apart from other models with a concealed blade. The concealed blade prevents contact with the hand/fingers, eliminating serious injuries. The ergonomic handle allows the knife to be gripped laterally and horizontally reducing hand fatigue during prolonged cutting. The Excel H model has a plastic tab on the back of the knife. The Excel H has a plastic tab on the back of the knife which can be used to punch through tape on cardboard, the blade will not be stuck and you can use the knife for longer. The Excel H is the version without replaceable blades. The knife also has a lanyard eyelet, it will always be close by and will not get lost during storage work. The knives deliberately come in intense colours to make them visible.

The Klever series are the most versatile concealed blade knives in terms of the variety of materials they cut. They are very often used by retail chains due to their low risk of injury, functionality and reduction of losses due to damage to goods. The Excel H is limited only by the gap, i.e. it can cut materials up to 6 mm. Thanks to the special end of the head, we can pierce the material and start cutting at any point. With this knife we cut
– 5-ply carton
– wrapping film
– shrinking foil
– plastic and paper sacks
– string
– foil and paper tapes
– textiles
– foam underlay (under panels)

Technical tips
Cut the banding tapes at a 45° angle.
When cutting the stretch film, make sure it is taut.

Additional information

Additional information

Blade replacement option


Cutting gap width

6 mm

Handle type


Increased service life




Security levels



cardboard cutting, cutting bags, cutting film and tapes, cutting textiles

Type of blade


second level of security

recommended class of gloves

no blade replacement

for right- and left-handers

tab for cutting tapes

cutting gap width

cuts car belts


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