Ceramic Blades Craft Pointed

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Ceramic scalpel blade with pointed tip, is made of Zirconium Oxide ZrO2, which makes the blade 11 times stronger than any other scalpel made of steel. Package contains 4 pcs. The blade fits most commercially available handles.


  • durability of 1 ceramic blade = durability of 11 high quality
  • metal blades
  • safe grinding for the hand as opposed to metal blades
  • fewer blade changes means fewer injuries
  • non-corrosive, chemically inert
  • electrically non-conductive
  • non-sparking
  • non-magnetic
  • no oily coating on the blade surface
  • safe to use up to 1600 °C
  • the high hardness of the ceramic blade produces a clean cutting line, which prevents the material from fraying

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Additional information


32.8 x 6.15 x 0,30 mm

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