Auto-Retract Volo™ Disposable MD Safety Knife

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The Volo MD Auto-Retract knife is a disposable knife with no replacement blade. It features a lightweight and slim design, designed to safely cut everyday materials in highly sensitive medical laboratory or food processing environments. It is an HACCP-compliant model. Made of plastic detectable by metal detector and X-ray (X-ray). Equipped with a classic spring mechanism. This means that the user must remember to let go of the slider while cutting so that the blade returns to the handle. This knife can also be used by left-handed people. The handle is finished with a lanyard eyelet. The blue colour is used for visual detection (the colour blue does not occur naturally in food). It is fitted with a non-replaceable stainless steel blade.

A unique model for medium intensity work, aimed at the food industry. The limitation is the blade, which extends 16 mm. You can cut with it:
– cartons up to 2 plies
– films
– banding tapes
– adhesive tapes
– sacks

For added safety, pull your thumb off the slider when cutting so that the spring mechanism can operate and retract the blade back into the handle when the cut is complete.

Additional information

Additional information

Maximum blade extension

16 mm

Blade replacement option


Handle type

detectable material, with zipper

Available colours


Security levels



cardboard cutting, cutting bags, cutting film and tapes

Type of blade

made of stainless steel

fourth level of security

recommended class of gloves

for right- and left-handers

knife compliant with the HACCP system

stainless blade

easy blade replacement

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