Concave Deburring Blade

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Slice® 10484 with an additional straight, chamfered edge for industrial applications. It effortlessly removes burrs and other surface defects from materials such as the edges of raw sheet metal and injection moulded plastics. The convex blade is made of 100% zirconium oxide, a type of ceramic that is significantly harder than steel. It provides a more durable alternative to traditional steel deburring blades, as it lasts up to 11 times longer than metal blades – making blade replacement less frequent. The 10483 blade has been designed from the ground up for use with the Slice 10482 deburring handle. The durable ceramic blade increases productivity and efficiency in the workplace, whilst significantly reducing injury costs. Price per package of 2 pcs.


  • life of 1 ceramic blade = life of 11 high quality metal blades
  • safer than metal blades
  • fewer blade changes means fewer injuries
  • non-corrosive, chemically inert
  • electrically non-conductive
  • non-sparking
  • non-magnetic
  • no oily coating on the blade surface
  • for use only as replacement blades for Slice knives

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Additional information


60.15 x 14.59 x 1.68 mm

Increased service life


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