Safety knives help, not hinder

Noże bezpieczne pomagają, a nie przeszkadzają

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In our work, we often encounter situations where users complain about safety knives.

They even want to prove to us that:

  1. This knife is not a good option,
  2. It cannot handle cutting material,
  3. It is uncomfortable to use,
  4. They come up with a whole list of stories like this one with Mr Czesiek:

“Mr…. I have been using this knife for 40 years and nothing has happened to me”….

Or quietly in front of their boss they use tapes and pocket knives.

And when they do have to use a safety knife, they block the spring mechanism with matches or seal it with tape because, as they explain:

“Your finger hurts from holding it”.

But all until then, because the statistics are absolute and telling:

According to the CSO, more than 66,000 accidents at work were reported in 2022, of which almost 44% of those injured in accidents suffered an upper limb injury and more than 12% were injured while using hand tools.

Because sooner or later, such shortcuts will always end in an accident, as these figures testify.

And that is why safety knives were invented back in the 1970s to protect such a Czesiek from accidents.

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