New Klever XChangeXD cutting head

XChange XD blades

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When using a safety knife with a cutting slot, have you encountered the problem of the slot clogging, especially when cutting corrugated cardboard? Safety knife manufacturer Klever has addressed this problem by developing the new XChange XD cutting head.

Stronger Klever XD head

It is an extra-strong hidden blade in the cutting slot, designed to be 50% stronger and cut 4 times longer. The patented Smooth-Kut™ technology prevents the blade from clogging corrugated cardboard for a faster, smoother and more ergonomic cut.

The new XChange XD cutting head fits all Klever handles where the blade can be replaced:
– Klever XChange
– Klever XChange Double
– Klever X-Change Plus HD
– Klever X-Change Double Plus HD
– Klever XChange Double Plus.

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