MDP detectable knives

Noże wykrywalne MDP

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We have added HACCP-compliant detectable knives to our range. They are mainly designed for food establishments, where, through the use of a metal detector, an unwanted object can be easily detected. They are all coloured blue for better visibility.

The knife with a metal handle is the Metti MD. It is distinguished by the possibility to set the blade length to 5 and 23 mm and to lock the blade completely.

Two models of knives made of plastic also complete the range. Auto-Retract Volo MD with interchangeable blade and in the non-replacement version of the Auto-Retract Volo MD disposable.

Both knives are equipped with a classic spring mechanism. They feature a lightweight and slim design, designed for safe cutting of everyday materials in highly sensitive medical laboratory or food processing environments.

Please also visit our entire range of detectable knives.

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