GS-certified Klever knives

Klever ze znakiem GS

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We are pleased to announce that Klever safety knives have been quality tested and have been awarded the GS Certificate.

Geprüfte Sicherheit, or ‘verified safety’, GS for short, confirms that the product has been made from safe and high-quality raw materials. It originated in the German market, but is now recognised and valued worldwide. This certificate is only issued by certified and independent laboratories.

How does the GS mark differ from the CE mark?

The GS mark is awarded to products that have been tested by an external, state-accredited body. The GS mark certifies that a product is safe. The CE mark, on the other hand, is the manufacturer’s declaration that it confirms compliance with European regulations. It is the manufacturer who guarantees the safety of the product, not an external body. It should also be mentioned that the CE marking of products is mandatory, in line with current legislation. Only products covered by the regulations can be CE-marked.

Safety on a knife edge?

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