Can a safety knife be an ECO?

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Yes. Knife manufacturer Klever Innovations has created the first safety knife using recycled materials in its production. It is called the Klever ECO Xchange Double Plus:

– made from 95% recycled materials
– reduces the amount of plastic used by reusing the handle and replacing only the cutting head
– 3 different cutting heads available
– environmentally friendly
– ecologically packaged

You can cut through thick 5-ply cardboard with this knife. Just cutting through cardboard is the advantage that sets Klever knives apart from other models with a concealed blade. The concealed blade prevents contact with the hand/fingers, eliminating serious injury. The ergonomic handle allows the knife to be gripped laterally and horizontally reducing hand fatigue during prolonged cutting. The ECO XChange Double Plus model has a tab made of plastic on the back of the knife. With this, you will cut through the adhesive tape on the cardboard, the blade will not be taped and you will use it for longer. The ECO XChange Double Plus is a version with a replaceable blade. The knife also has a lanyard eyelet, it will always be close by and not lost during storage work.

This knife is available in the “Klever safety knives” category.

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