Antimicrobial knives

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In workplaces with biohazards, such as food production, you can minimise the risk of infection by using KLEVER KLEEN™ safety knives.

KLEVER KLEEN™ safety knives are made of antimicrobial material.

The design of the knives is made of an antimicrobial material that inhibits the growth of bacteria on its surface. Thoroughly clean and wash this product according to the guidelines of your industry. By doing so, you prevent biohazards in the workplace.

In the KLEVER KLEEN™ range of knives, you will find knives with a blade concealed in a special cutting slot, which further protects the user from injury. The cutting heads can be either replaceable or non-replaceable blades. The knives are ISO22196 certified.

Safety on a knife edge?

Take care of them today so you don't have to worry about them tomorrow

Don't wait until it's too late, ensure your safety and that of your safety for yourself and your employees today! Check out our product catalogue and see why you should invest in professional, safe blades!

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